WhatsApp API by SafeBit

Send notifications, customer service messages and essential information your customers need on WhatsApp.

Separate messages

Separate messages for your comfort and organize them so that they stay in order.

Practical, intuitive, simple

This interface is design for people. We made it easy to manage so that our clients would have no trouble using it.

Chat with clients

Easily send WhatsApp messages without having to manage hosting, scaling or constant software updates.

Add client to data base

Add your client to your data base and have access to it anytime. That’s comfortable!

הזמן עכשיו

Use this for you business purposes and enjoy the experience.

הזמן עכשיו

Message to numbers

Send message to a groups of numbers for your campaigns.

הזמן עכשיו


חיפוש מתקדם


צור תבנית . בתבנית זו ניתן להשתמש לתשובה מהירה

קישור של לקוח לנציג

קשר את הלקוחות למעקב נוח יותר

חסום לקוח

חסום לקוח עם צריך