Cloud servicing from SafeBit

Host your websites and applications on our ultra-fast cloud

What do we provide?
Our business specializes on creating software. Below you can see four benefits working with our cloud storage.


We are paying attention to our support system

Global availability

Create highly available applications

Your projects will rock

All our cloud servers are deployed on enterprise-grade hardware.

Cloud storage automation

You can automate your infrastructure with our API

The exceptional storage performance
has allowed us to streamline our services
and ensure availability.
SafeBit helps you develop high-quality apps, grow your user base, and earn more money

Cost Efficient

Improve operational efficiency and reduce IT costs


Rapid Innovation

We help organizations reduce manual workloads



We value time. That keeps us focusing on speed of our work



We also keep track on quality of our services


We value our clients and try to provide best service possible

  • Backend without servers

    Create functions such as changes to data in the Realtime Database

  • Code without managing servers

    Cloud Functions are single-purpose JavaScript functions that are executed in a secure environment

  • Low maintenance

    Deploying your code to our servers requires just one command

  • Keep your logic private and secure

    Cloud Functions is fully insulated from the client, so you can be sure its functions are private

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